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Purple Plume Gorgonian Sea Fan Coral

Purple Plume Gorgonian Sea Fan Coral
Purple Plume Gorgonian Sea Fan Coral

The Eco-Friendly Purple Plume Gorgonian Sea Fan Coral features a luminescent purple colored tissue with tan polyps. It is not aggressive but it should not be allowed to come into contact with other gorgonians, corals, or anemones to minimize inter-species aggression. The Purple Plume Gorgonian Sea Fan Coral can adapt to various lighting and prefer decent water flow.Eco-Friendly Gorgonians are sustainably produced by collecting small frags from the Caribbean. The frags are attached to plugs where they are grown in a greenhouse until the adult colonies are then fragged and sold for the home aquarium.
A Gorgonian, also known as sea whip or sea fan, is an order soft coral found throughout the oceans of the world, especially in the tropics and subtropics. Gorgonians grow individual tiny polyps form a colonies that are normally erect, flattened, branching, and reminiscent of a fan, while others may be whip like, bushy, or even encrusting. Each Gorgonian polyp has about eight tentacles, which catch plankton and particulate matter that is consumed through a process called filter feeding. However, some Gorgonians contain algae, or zooxanthellae which allows a symbiotic relationship to exist and assists in giving the Gorgonian nutrition through photosynthesis.

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