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Aquacultured Blue Hypnea Algae

Aquacultured Blue Hypnea Algae
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Aquacultured Blue Hypnea Algae

The Aquacultured Blue Hypnea Green growth acquaints extraordinary excellence and hue with reef aquariums, refugium, and decorative macroalgae show. Including a perfect glowing blue tinge, the Blue Hypnea Green growth is comparative in appearance to Ochtodes sp. green growth from the Caribbean, yet this alluring decorative green growth starts from Micronesia and has marginally extraordinary morphology.
The Blue Hypnea Green growth fills in thick, tangled bunches that freely anchor to coarse substrates. It's anything but an especially quickly developing alga so containing its development isn't troublesome. For ideal hue and development, give moderate to high, full-range lighting.
There are numerous utilizations for macroalgae in marine aquariums. The most widely recognized use is for taking care of purposes to offer characteristic nourishment for aquarium herbivores. "Macroalgae, developed in the refugium and "green growth scrubbers," give normal filtration that assimilates overabundance supplements, like nitrates and phosphates." Macroalgae likewise give ideal territory to little shrimp and other microfauna to help support biodiversity. At long last, macroalgae can be utilized basically for elaborate purposes to add excellence and variety to the reef aquarium.This green growth is sold by the pack and will show up in a thick tangle.

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