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Gracilaria Macro Algae

Gracilaria Macro Algae
Gracilaria Macro Algae

Red Gracilaria macro algae is a strong nutrient exporter that grows exceptionally fast Coloration:
Beautiful fluorescent red color makes it sightly for main displays.  Pictures don’t do this stuff justice!
One of the most sought after algae for marine aquariums and refugiums.  Birds Nest Red Gracilaria is a much thinner version of Gracilaria with its own unique growth pattern and is sure to be one of your center piece algae for your tank.  We use this algae extensively in all of our tanks because of its beauty and nutrient uptake.If you are not using algae to eliminate your nitrates you are missing out.  In many fish only systems, keeping algae will allow the aquarist to almost eliminate the need for water changes altogether.

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