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Bryothamnion Macro Algae

Bryothamnion Macro Algae
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Bryothamnion Macro Algae

Bryothamnion Triquetrum is a very rare to find beautiful macro algae for the marine aquarium and great for a Seahorse tank as it will provide natural hold fast. Belongs to the red macro algae family. Bryothamnion Triquetrum is a beautiful but rare to find slow growing marine macro algae which is non-invasive and grows in up to 15-20 cm long stiff branches with short stalks. It is a great choice for the display Tank and Seahorse Tank where it adds natural hold fast for Seahorses. The coloration of this macro algae species will vary depending on the light provided between a bright and dark red. This beautiful species of red macro algae features knobby branches that extend into short alternating stalks. The branches are triangular and are bright red, rigid and tough. This particular species is found in shallow, partially shaded habitat in strong current, so adequate current is necessary in the aquarium. Not palatable to most fish and invertebrates. You will receive a portion that is 6-8 inches tall.

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