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Ashmeadii Caulerpa Macro Algae

Ashmeadii Caulerpa Macro Algae
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Ashmeadii Caulerpa Macro Algae

Caulerpa is a large variety that can reach blade widths of up to 2" and a height of about 12". Unlike its cousin, Caulerpa Sertulariodes, it prefers slightly deeper habitats and often is found on the edges of channels in depths of 20 ft or more. It features a thick rhizome, split into individual cylindrical fronds that grows horizontally on the sea floor. Younger specimens are often confused with Sertulariodes, as they are very similar in characteristics and are often sold as "feather algae" in the aquarium trade. This species of Caulerpa features feather shaped blades with rounded, segmented fronds. A large variety, that can reach blade widths of up to 2" and a height of about 12". Due to it's size, ashmeadii grows slower than other species of Caulerpa and will not take over the aquarium. You will receive a portion that is approx 12" long with 5-6 blades.

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