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Gorgonians are soft coral colonies that are generally tree like. Though found in many areas of the ocean, those found in tropical and subtropical waters have the most diversified shapes. The distinctive forms of the Gorgonians include the beautiful sea fan, a dynamic sea whip or sea blade. 

Gorgonians provide a secure home to many other marine species including brittle stars, bryozoans and hydrozoans.

Pygmy seahorses Gorgonian Sea Fans are becoming popular in the saltwater hobby and a larger variety of species are available now more than ever before.

Its best to secured to a plug Or Hang upside down. It’s good to add a new gorgonian to live rock which can prove challenging.

 Most species of gorgonians encrust onto frag plugs quickly, which makes them easier to place in your aquarium.

Cultured gorgonian fragments tend to be smaller and have a better chance of survival even in nano aquariums. They are also economically priced, making it easier for hobbyists to try several different Sea Fans species instead of only keeping one large sea fan. 

We Offer a mix of photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic gorgonians. We Offer a single specimen that are 3 to 6” Tall. It is important that this gorgonian is provided with a medium to strong, constant or intermittent water flow. If in the event that it does begin to become covered with algae or cyanobacteria, remove it from the coral immediately. Gorgonians usually grow in shallow waters, though there are some species that grow in depths of more than 1000 ft. Shallow water species tend to be more flexible and broad to withstand currents while deeper water types grow tall, thin, and more rigid. 

Gorgonians are filter feeders. Each tiny polyp has eight tentacles used to catch phytoplankton and other tiny particles carried to them in the current. Many prefer to feed at night, so generally this is when you’ll see the polyps emerge. There are many commercial foods options available to offer gorgonians. You may also offer them tiny frozen foods like  plankton and baby brine shrimp. Administer a small amount of food to entice the sea fan polyps to open, then follow a short while later with a larger dose when the most of the polyps are extended. We offer a range of Sea Fans for sale. We sell purple whip, Red/Yellow finger, Purple Bush Gorgonian, Corky Finger, Purple Plume, Golden Plume, Purple/Tan Candelabra, Purple Ribbon, Purple Frilly and more, Shop NOW!!!!!!!!

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